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Capturing the new Adare Manor


If you have visited our new website in the last month you will have seen some of the stunning work of photographer Jack Hardy. When we were looking for someone to shoot the opening photography for Adare Manor, we wanted to choose an artist with specialty experience in the luxury hospitality world. After so many months of lovingly restoring and expanding the Manor House, we knew that our photographer would need to be able to capture the thousands of stunning details of this place as well as its overall ambiance. Jack Hardy was the perfect man for the job. Highly sought after and with years of experience creating the signature shots for luxury hotels around the world, we knew his high standards would match our own.

Jack and his team lead the creative direction with Adare Manor to capture everything from lifestyle to interior, exterior, and food and beverage shots. Each type of imagery requires different disciplines and approaches and required careful planning and direction.

Capturing the lifestyle photography for Adare was an exciting process, involving models, smoke machines, horses and birds-of-prey. It required us to put ourselves in the shoes of the guests and capture moments that felt natural and candid but also told a story. For Adare Manor’s interior photography, Jack’s approach is very different; involving a sophisticated process of independently lighting different aspects of the room and combining them in post-production.

We couldn’t be happier with the final photos, and judging by the response we have gotten so far, neither could our guests. Working with Jack to share a bit of Adare Manor’s magic with the wider world has been a wonderful journey, one we’re delighted to be able to show you.

View a selection of Jack’s photos of Adare Manor here: or to see more of Jack’s work, you can visit:


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