Let your heart soar with the incredible birds of Adare Manor.

Get up close and personal with the world’s most majestic birds of prey. Within our beautiful walled garden, our professional resident falconer will introduce you to a selection of our family of impressive raptors from around the world. Meet the Western Screech Owl, Mexican Striped Owl, Chaco Owl, Steppe Eagle, Barn Owl, Eagle Owl, Bald Eagle, Saker Falcon, Buzzard, Harris Hawk and the Lanner Falcon.

For those who would like an immersive experience into the world of falconry, our Hawk Walks offer a thrilling one-to-one encounter with one of these magnificent creatures. Walk through our enchanted woodland as your own bird flies from tree to tree along the way, and learn to fly a falcon, the fastest of all the flock, which soars at over 200mph.

Falconry is suitable for all of the family to enjoy together, and a marvellous opportunity for spectacular photos.