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Let your heart soar with the incredible raptors of Adare Manor.

Get up close and personal with the world’s most majestic birds of prey.  Our professional resident falconers will introduce you to a selection of eight raptors from our family of impressive birds of prey from around the world.

During your falconry experience, you will meet several owls from our aviary, it could be any combination drawn from the following; ‘Tiny’ our Scops Owl, ‘Olaf’ our Snowy Owl, ‘Oscar’ our Eurasian eagle Owl, ‘Willow’ our Bengal Eagle Owl, ‘Che’ our Mexican Striped Owl, ‘Noddy’ our Dark Breasted Barn Owl, or ‘Orlan’ our Common Barn Owl. You will also meet one of our Falcons, generally recognised as the fastest animals on the planet, and at least one Harris Hawk, which will fly free to your gloved hand. We may have ‘Caesar’ our indigenous Common Buzzard at your display. Finally, you will meet one, or possibly two, of our impressive eagles, it may be ‘Saoirse’ our female American Bald Eagle, ‘Siochain’ our young male Bald Eagle, ‘Charley’ our Steppe Eagle, ‘Marley’ our young African Fish Eagle, or our fearsome Golden Eagle ‘Caelin’.

We will always endeavour to free fly at least two of our birds during your display, our Harris Hawks will fly to your gloved hand. We may also fly one of our Owls or alternatively one of our Eagles or Falcons.

Falconry is suitable for all of the family to enjoy together, and a marvellous opportunity for spectacular photos.  Children must be a minimum of 3 years old to participate.