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Personal Training

Push yourself to your personal best with a one-to-one personal training session

Each session with our experienced fitness instructors is carefully tailored to your fitness levels and goals, with an engaging and challenging programme of exercises, drills, and stretches.

Begin with a supportive assessment where your trainer will help you create a personal fitness plan, then move into thoughtful warm-ups and stretches to ensure proper muscle activation.

Then you’ll be guided at your own pace through a series of body weight, machine, and free-weight workouts, with careful attention paid to technique and injury prevention. After your cool down and post-workout stretch, you’ll walk away with a sense of achievement and feedback to take into your next session at home or with us.


Personal training is located in The Padel Club gym, a two minute walk from the Manor House.

To organise a personal training session please contact Concierge. This activity is subject to availability and a minimum of 12 hours’ notice is required. Participants must be 16 years old or over.