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The Tack Room

A haven of welcome and warmth

The Concept

A sophisticated retreat for lovers of fine spirits and companionable conversation, The Tack Room is a haven of welcome and warmth. Delicious food, great company and a legendary collection of the world’s finest libations come together to create an extraordinary atmosphere. A drink by the fireside or at the timeless green marble bar is the perfect end to an evening at Adare Manor, although when the drinks and conversations are flowing, a visit to The Tack Room can easily stretch into the wee small hours.

The Whiskey Collection

The Adare Manor whiskey collection includes more than 100 rare quality bottles sourced from the best producers internationally. The very finest Scotch, Bourbon, Canadian and Japanese bottles are represented here, but the focus, of course, is on the legendary Irish whiskeys. There are some very recognisable names as part of the collection, and many more exclusive releases for the connoisseur to discover. Some of the most complex, sought-after, and outstanding examples of whiskey distillery are featured here, and the collection is always growing.

The Whiskey Tasting Experience

While you may explore the estate during the day, you can then linger over a unique Whiskey Tasting Experience in the evening.  You will be taken on an exploration on the vibrancy of four Irish whiskeys, guided by one of our expert team members within the impressive setting of The Tack Room.

The Cocktails

Our extensive selection of bespoke cocktails has been specially created for Adare Manor by our expert mixologist. These exclusive and imaginative mixed drinks are inspired by the history and heraldry of the Manor House itself and incorporate a wide range of speciality liqueurs, bitters and infusions, many hand-crafted here on the estate with ingredients from our own gardens. From reimagined classics to completely original recipes, The Tack Room cocktails invite you to explore and discover new lifelong favourites.

The Premium Craft Beer

Supplied by a local brewery with a reputation for depth of flavour and aroma, our selection of small-batch brews offers something to please every palate.

The Cuisine

The Tack Room serves an exceptional menu of tempting light bites, served from opening until 9pm daily. Every item has been carefully crafted for savouring and sharing. Artisan cheeses and charcuterie and elevated versions of favourites such as beef sliders and chicken wings offer an elegant accompaniment to the most sophisticated drinks.

The Design

The unique and impressive architecture of this space belies its original, more humble purpose. In the days of the Dunravens it was the servant’s hall, a common room where the house staff would gather to eat meals and socialise after hours. For all its grandeur, The Tack Room has always been a place of comfort and conviviality. That history of relaxation and ease still remains in the room, now enhanced by the lush opulence of its rich leather, marble, and bronze furnishings and the gentle glow of low lighting from traditional fringed lamps. The original limestone floor is laid with three bespoke rugs, woven by a local Irish rug company and featuring an abstract design inspired by the stained-glass windows within the Manor House. A blazing fire in the grand limestone fireplace is an invitation to draw up a chair, sit back, and luxuriate in the warmth and hum of lively conversation with a glass of something marvellous by your side. The most arresting element of the room’s original architecture are the massive stone piers which support the vaulted arches of the ceiling, in a design drawn from the 12th century. These columns also form the base and support of The Great Hall overhead: a testament to their timeless strength and fortitude.

Child Policy

Children under 16 are welcome until 6.00pm.  All children must be accompanied at all times by an adult, for their own safety.