Whiskey Tasting Experience

A Guide Through Vibrant Whiskeys

The Concept

While you may explore the estate during the day, you can then retreat to a unique Whiskey Tasting Experience in the evening.  You will be taken on an exploration on the vibrancy of four Irish whiskeys, guided by one of our expert team members within the impressive setting of The Tack Room.

A sophisticated retreat for lovers of fine spirits and companionable conversation, The Tack Room is a haven of welcome and warmth. A drink by the fireside or at the timeless green marble bar is the perfect end to an evening at Adare Manor, although when the drinks and conversations are flowing, a visit to The Tack Room can easily stretch into the wee small hours. A blazing fire in the grand limestone fireplace is an invitation to draw up a chair, sit back, and luxuriate in the warmth.

The Whiskey Collection

The Adare Manor whiskey collection includes more than 160 rare quality bottles sourced from the best producers internationally. The very finest Scotch, Bourbon, Canadian and Japanese bottles are represented here, but the focus, of course, is on the legendary Irish whiskeys. There are some very recognisable names as part of the collection, and many more exclusive releases for the connoisseur to discover.

The 'Ath-Dara' Flight

Adare Manor borrows its name from the nearby village of Adare, sitting on the banks of the river Maigue, overlooking the fording point from which the village derives its name; Ath-Dara meaning “Ford of the Oak”. This whiskey flight is a wonderful guide through four of some of Ireland’s most vibrant whiskeys, focusing on both the influence our historical journey had on the expression of our whiskeys, but most importantly, the influence of the oak maturation.