Sharpen your eye and test your skill.

Would you like to step into the shoes of Robin Hood in Sherwood Forest? Archery at Adare Manor has an exquisite backdrop, taking place in the magical walled garden. Both a gratifying recreational activity and a thrilling competitive sport, archery has something to offer the novice and the adventurous expert. Shooting a modern-style recurve bow is truly invigorating, and the medieval-style longbow, made to all traditional standards, offers a true test of skill and strength. Every session is carefully tailored to the ability of the participants. Our experienced instructors will lead you through every step of the experience, from how to hold the bow and arrow to how to aim and fire at a static target with extreme precision.

Archery is an activity suited to all ages, even children, as long as they are able to hold a bow. No experience is required.

For the thrill seekers, Adare Manor’s unique Moving Target Archery will hone your eye and get your heart racing. Targets are propelled high into the air: your task is shoot them down in style. It is a fantastic group activity, sure to ignite your competitive instincts.