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The Studio

Refresh your body and quiet your mind in Adare Manor’s dedicated studio


If you’re in the mood for a lyrical but high-intensity core and strength workout, the studio is equipped with mirrors and a ballet barre along one wall, allowing for our instructors to guide you through a challenging barre class. Barre is a low impact, big results class, combining attributes of Pilates, dance, and functional fitness training. Incorporating small, isolated movement to fatigue the muscles; large, range motion to elevate the heart rate; and sequencing that incorporates the upper and lower body to make every minute count. This musically based class will leave you smiling. ‘Barre After Baby’, ‘Mother-Daughter Barre’ and ‘Barre Bride’ range of classes are also available on request. Suitable for all fitness levels. No prior dance experience is required.


POP Pilates is where strength meets flexibility. Think highly focused movements that leave your body trim and toned. This isn’t your average Pilates class; it's a dance on the mat that will transform you. From the inside out. Prenatal classes arealso available on request. Suitable for all fitness levels.


Looking out into the treetops from the floor-to-ceiling windows, your spirit can commune with nature as your body moves gently through the asanas, guided by our highly-trained yoga teachers. With a range of small group classes and one-to-one yoga instruction available, this serene environment is the perfect space to explore the joy of movement. Yoga mats, assistive bolsters, blocks and straps are near at hand to ensure that you are supported in reaching your body’s full potential in every session.


The Studio is located in The Padel Club, a two minute walk from the Manor House.

Child policy: The studio is suitable for those aged 16 years or older. Those under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
Clothing policy: Athletic footwear is mandatory. Active wear is advised.