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Sports Simulation Room

Immersive, engaging, and endlessly entertaining

The Padel Club’s dedicated Sports Simulation Room offers an exciting learning environment for golfers looking to improve their handicap and families ready to challenge each other to a range of fun and competitive games and virtual sports.

Virtual Golf

Experience the beauty and challenge of the Golf Course at Adare Manor from the comfort of the indoors. Analyse your golf shots and putting performance with technical data and precise feedback. The Sports Simulation Room is equipped with a TruGolf simulator and games, a TrackMan 4 Launch Monitor as well as a Puttview putting green. Using advanced tracking and projection technology, this fully integrated system provides a vivid virtual golf experience for practice and play.

TrueGolf Simulator and TrackMan 4 Launch Monitor

Our TruGolf Simulator features the very latest golf Launch Monitor, TrackMan 4. The Dual Radar Technology obtains maximum data relating to ball and club, determining with the most exacting accuracy the quality of strike, the interaction between club and ball and the golf ball’s launch to landing journey. Whether accompanied by one of our expertly trained Club Professionals for a private lesson, or alone for dialled-in solo practice session, TrackMan 4 empowers golfers by providing them with a clear view of all the finer details of the game.

PuttView Putting Green

You will also have access to the latest putting aid technologies with PuttView’s bespoke greens and augmented reality system. The futuristic set-up enables projected visualisations on the putting green to create an elite short game practice facility with visual guides, intelligent reading assistance and real life, real-time green replication capabilities. Once practice is finished, the projected games and putting challenges, like PuttPong, allow you to enjoy golf’s most pressured shots in a fun, unique environment like no other green can.

Virtual Indoor Sporting Fun

As the most advanced technology of its kind, the simulator can also teleport users between experiences at the click of a button. The TruGolf Multisport system transforms the room into a complete sports simulator, allowing players to take to the tee, pitch or ice rink in a variety of scenarios in addition to golf, such as football, baseball, ice hockey or footgolf. No previous experience or skill is required, just a competitive spirit and an appetite for fun. Enjoy your moment in a stadium atmosphere with friends and family watching on from the front row.

The Sports Simulation Room also has a fully-equipped catering space, private bar and seating area.


Exclusive to guests staying at Adare Manor, The Sports Simulation Room is located in The Padel Club, a two minute walk from the Manor House.

Child policy: The Simulation Room is suitable for children aged 10 years or older. Those under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Clothing policy: Tennis shoes or athletic footwear are mandatory. Active wear is advised.