Clay Pigeon Shooting

The thrill of the range

Clay pigeon shooting is a sport that quickens your pulse, sharpens your eye, and rewards a cool head. Not far from the Gamekeeper’s Cottage on the Adare Manor estate, you can experience the excitement of shooting a rapidly moving target out of the sky. Our first-class clay pigeon shooting range features 14 Laport clay traps, and we provide 12 gauge Browning Shotguns for your use, always under the watchful eye of our instructors. One-to-one instruction ensures that safety always comes first. It also means you will find your aim improving faster than you thought possible!

This is a fantastic activity for groups: it certainly gets the competitive spirit going! Whether you have never handled a gun before or are an experienced sharpshooter, our expert instructor team will create a thrilling, challenging, and satisfying outing on our shooting rage, tailored precisely to your needs.

Clay pigeon shooting can be enjoyed by the family, including children aged 11 and over.