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The 3rd Earl of Dunraven passed away. His son Windham Thomas Wyndham Quin became the 4th Earl of Dunraven. Windham served as a Lieutenant in the 1st Life Guards, a Cavalry regiment, later becoming a war correspondent for the London Newspaper: ‘The Daily Telegraph’. He married Florence March Kerr. They had three daughters: Florence, Rachel and Aileen. Windham presided over the Land Conference in 1902, which led to the Land Act a year later, a piece of legislature which enabled tenants to purchase land from their landlords under favourable conditions. He is shown here wearing the blue sash of the Order of St Patrick, painted in 1922, two years before his death. The galleon in the background recalls his interest in sailing. He was a challenger for the America’s Cup in 1893 and 1895.