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The Creation of a Gothic Masterpiece

This #ThrowbackThursday as we prepare for our own refurbishment we look back to when the 2nd Earl of Dunraven, Windham Henry Quin, decided to undergo a redevelopment of his home in 1832, resulting in the Manor House we have today …

Adare Manor rose from the ground at a time of catastrophic distress in Ireland, that of the mid-nineteenth century famine. It was built to the highest standards of the day – by craftspeople from the locality, while the 2nd Earl travelled Ireland, England and continental Europe in search of architectural inspiration. A succession of fashionable architects and interior designers were employed and ultimately a magnificent gothic mausoleum was built.

The Gothic Revival in the nineteenth century reflected an entire outlook on the world which drew inspiration from a romantic view of the chivalric past. For the aristocracy, this world-view nourished a pride in ancestry, and this was the style chosen by the 2nd Earl of Dunraven and his countess Caroline in 1832 when they set about the gradual replacement of their existing house at Adare with the splendid Manor House we see today. The Manor is a tribute to their sense of exuberance, wit and style.

An excerpt from A Taste of Adare Manor

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