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Some hidden treasures found during the restoration at Adare Manor

We have found some real little gems during the restoration work; amongst them were this old bottle of Guinness and packet of Players Navy Cut Cigarettes. The label on the bottle also specifies the batch number and the date the barrel was dispatched from St James Gate. The barrel would have traveled by horse drawn cart to the canal docks in Dublin and then by canal barge to Limerick where it would again have been put on a horse drawn cart and delivered to Patrick O’Shea. Patrick would have had his own bottles purchased locally and the labels would have come with the Barrel. Patrick would have had a commercial agreement with Guinness as would most pubs of the time because Guinness did not start to bottle themselves commercially until the mid 1940’s or 50’s. The date for this batch was the number on the label in reverse so 280111 is the 11th of January 1928. Looking closely at the bottle near the top you will see the half pint mark which was a legal requirement.

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