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Hidden Characters and Unexpected Details


Adare Manor is rich with unexpected details that are literally woven into the very fabric of its building through stunning wood and stone carvings. These decorative finishes and hidden characters are a wonderful reminder of the talented craftsmen who created them and are an important part of our story.

For us, capturing these exquisite curiosities was an essential part of our ongoing process of restoration and refurbishment. From the gargoyles and embellishments that adorn our facade to the mystical Pegasus and Hippocampus, each one is entirely unique to the Adare Manor.

We commissioned a skilled illustrator to carefully draw out the essence of 20 striking characters. Working collaboratively, each drawing was further refined and polished to ensure we preserved their very spirit. We are delighted to introduce some of these exquisite characters and invite you to linger a little longer on your next visit … you never know who you might spot!

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