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Adare Manor Culinary Roadtrip

Ireland is home to some of the best produce in the world. So many of our fishermen, farmers, cheese-makers and other suppliers combine generations of tradition and knowledge with a fresh enthusiasm for specialty techniques and sustainable production. The restaurants at Adare Manor will be a celebration of the country’s vibrant food landscape, The Oak Room restaurant will exclusively feature ingredients sourced in Ireland and its coastal areas.

On the 24th June five of the culinary team here at Adare Manor embarked on an unprecedented 9 day tour of Ireland to meet these local suppliers and to experience their produce in their own unique environs.

This food adventure was undertaken by Director of Culinary Loughlin Druhan, The Oak Room Chef de Cuisine Michael Tweedie, The Carriage House Chef de Cuisine Neils Van Oers, Banqueting Chef de Cuisine David McKane and Executive Pastry Chef Xavier Torne.

Our team’s mission is to discover the very best in fresh, local, Irish ingredients from small producers around the country, and then bring these exceptional tastes back to Adare Manor for our guests to savour.

Leaving no stone unturned, the team will go right to the source for every type of produce they intend to use. They will visit the trawlers which catch the fish, meet the sheep and cows which produce the rich dairy products and grass-fed meats, and walk the acres which grow the vegetables and grains. They will taste hand-harvested sea salt on Achill Island in Mayo, sample freshly shucked oysters in Galway, experience home-grown escargot in Kilkenny, and sip wines from a vineyard in Wicklow. Tasting and cooking with each ingredient on site will allow them to forge real relationships with the producers, the environment, and the food itself. When the road trip is complete, they will have gathered the building blocks of the recipes they will create for our menus, and the flavourful work of finalising each dish on the menus can begin.

The road trip begins at the top of the island in Antrim, and by the time they return to Adare they hope to have stopped in every county in Ireland, having visited over 100 small producers. We would love to hear from suppliers who would like to be visited by our culinary team, or from anyone who would like to recommend their favourite Irish producer. You can contact Loughlin directly at

We have been documenting and reporting on our culinary team’s exciting journey here are some of the photos from their trip so far …

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