Welcome to Adare Manor

Something magical is happening at Adare Manor

Architects are being flown in. Craftsmen are being sought out. Designers are being challenged. Wood is being lovingly turned. Stone is being carefully treated. Technology is being subtly integrated. Luxury is being enhanced. Facilities are being transformed. Limits are being pushed and experiences are being enriched. The excitement is growing as homecomings are being readied. Adare Manor is being reborn.

We are currently closed while your welcome is being prepared

Because every facet of this cherished place is being lovingly reimagined, Adare Manor is closed until Autumn 2017. This crucial intermission gives us the chance to offer you even more, including a revitalising spa, a brand new swimming pool and even a cinema. What's more, we are adding an entire new wing of luxurious bedrooms, a state-of-the-art corporate boardroom, a 350-seater ballroom worthy of any bride’s special day and a championship golf course worthy of a country with the tradition of golfing excellence such as Ireland. So please bear with us, it will be worth the wait.

Keep updated on our reopening

For regular updates on our refurbishment project you can sign up to our monthly newsletter, come back to our website at any time or keep an eye on our blog. We are currently recruiting for positions across all departments, learn more on our careers page.

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