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The Spa at Adare Manor Launches Wellness Treatment

The Spa at Adare Manor is delighted to launch its first wellness treatment.  'Misneach', the Irish term for Inner Strength, is a treatment which focuses on mindfulness and breathwork, with the aim to promote conscious awareness, and to harmonise your body, revitalise your energies, promote ultimate vitality whilst igniting your strength from within.  Starting with a treatment that focuses on highly specialised massage techniques, followed by a mindfulness walk focusing on breathing and visualisation, we will help you to align your body and soul resulting in clarity of the mind.


The Treatment

The 80-minute signature experience has been created around the principle and meaning of the number seven. Adare Manor has seven stone pillars of strength supporting and holding the structure of the building. In universal numbers, the number seven is a highly spiritual number. It represents intuition, mysticism, inner wisdom and even recognises that you are about to have a spiritual awakening that will lead you to your Divine goal and purpose. There are also seven points that we target in this treatment as well as awakening and realigning the seven Chakras in the body, with the incorporation of breath work/visualisation and mindfulness. The treatment is based on Ayurvedic Philosophies and the speed of the message varies throughout to trick and relax a busy mind using Ogham Stones that have been infused with energy.


Mindfulness Walk

Following your treatment, you will be invited to awaken your senses with our mindfulness walk where you will absorb the healing and nurturing wonders of our Irish parkland. You will take the walk alone, with the help of our step-by-step audio-guide. Elevating your mind, body and spirit, your time cocooned in our Woodland Walk will support physical and emotional healing, increase vitality and inner strength whilst stimulating your mental focus and clarity. For this 20-minute walk inspired by Eco Psychology & Nature Therapy, you will follow our path to a calm and balanced wellbeing with mindful guidance and specialised breath work.  There are seven points of reflection on this meditative journey, seven points to represent the seven pillars of strength that support the structure of Adare Manor. With each stop we invite you to take time to connect to the pristine parkland of the Manor, absorbing natures medicinal and magical powers, creating time of peace and harmony within. Though the mindfulness walk is especially suited to the Misneach treatment, it can be taken after any spa treatment.


The Spa at Adare Manor

The atmosphere surrounding The Spa at Adare Manor is one of tranquillity and peace. This secluded retreat is an oasis of calm for even the weariest traveller. The luxurious products and revitalising treatments available here are complemented by exceptional amenities and expert advice from dedicated personal therapists.  The Spa is open daily to residents of Adare Manor, and reservations are advised.  For guests wishing to make a reservation, please contact The Spa on 061 605 200 or at  The treatment is priced at €210 per person.  We welcome you to take time out to awaken your Misneach; your inner strength.

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