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Treat Sleep Deprivation with Celtic Ogham Stones

Sleep can be elusive to many of us.  We can have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, feeling anxious and unable to rest.  Although we need to sleep to survive, we all struggle with it at some point in our lives.  People may try medication, meditation, and acupuncture, but here at Adare Manor, we have crafted a treatment designed to help you fall to a slumber without disruption.  Using Celtic Ogham Stones infused with energy, our Codladh Samh treatment, pronounced ‘culla sauv’, is promised to soothe any anxious energies you may be holding on to.  Ahead of World Sleep Day on March 15th, we welcome you to explore the possibility of being enchanted by the magical forces of our Celtic Ogham stone treatment.


Celtic Ogham Stones

Ogham, pronounced ‘oh-um’ is an Irish primitive alphabet that takes in the form of linear carvings in stone or wood.  Inscriptions of the Ogham alphabet can be found mainly in Ireland, including on the grounds of Adare Manor!  Among the trees southwest of the Manor House are Ogham Stones, which were brought to Adare Manor from Kerry by Edwin, the 3rd Earl of Dunraven. Ogham Stones typically date from the early 5th Century to the middle of the 7th Century.  Deriving from their mysticism, we have created our own Ogham Stones, which have been infused with energy, to use in our Codladh Samh treatment.


The Treatment

Codladh Samh is an Irish term used to wish someone a ‘sound sleep’.  This treatment starts with a deeply sedating exclusive massage, using carefully applied pressures and Swedish techniques. It is designed to balance the nervous system and ease an over-active mind.  As it concludes, you will be soothed into a relaxed state with a cooling ceramic stone treatment designed to induce a calming state of relaxation, with a massage ritual that uses mythical Celtic Ogham Stones.  The 80-minute treatment, an exclusive to Adare Manor, will leave you feeling tranquil and ready to drift off into a sound night’s sleep.


The Spa at Adare Manor

The atmosphere surrounding The Spa at Adare Manor is one of tranquillity and peace. This secluded retreat is an oasis of calm for even the weariest traveller. The luxurious products and revitalising treatments available here are complemented by exceptional amenities and expert advice from dedicated personal therapists.  The Spa is open daily to residents of Adare Manor, and reservations are advised.

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