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Tree Planting at Adare Manor

Over the last few months an exciting project of tree planting has been underway on the Adare Manor estate.” Over a thousand trees including English Oak, Turkey Oak, Hungarian Oak, Red Oak, Maples, Dawn Redwood, Beech, Copper Beech, Golden Beech, Sweet Chestnut, Horse Chestnut and Lime trees have been carefully selected, prepared, delivered and planted with the help of tree nursery Nangle and Niesen and landscapers Peter O’Brien & Sons.

Ronan Nangle of Nangle and Niesen told us why the Adare Manor project is so unique in comparison to others; “It is the scale involved. These trees are big. The smallest is in excess of 50cm girth and the largest is in excess of 110cm in circumference. It is the largest movement of domestically grown super large trees (in excess of 60cm) to happen in this country’s history. It is the sheer size of these trees that mark them out and the fact that they were all grown in Ireland. Some of the Quercus robur (Common or English Oak), in particular, are fantastic specimens.”

Peter O’Brien of Peter O’Brien & Son told us more about some of the species involved; “Dawn Redwood are one of the few deciduous conifers, it loses its colour through winter. In nature the Dawn Redwood is now classified as critically endangered due to intensive rice cultivation and the poor prospect for regeneration in the wild. While European Beech, Copper Beech and Golden Beech have been planted on the golf course due to their dense canopy; beech provide great habitat for wildlife. These are large trees from 30 to 60 years old, from 5 to 9 meters high. Some weighing up to 4.5 tonnes.”

But the process is not as easy as simply digging a hole and putting the tree in, as you can see from the images above. Large trees are difficult to handle and great care is taken to ensure the tree is moved without damage. Machinery with specialised lifting equipment are used to handle the trees. Drainage and specific soil mixtures are added to the root area to give the tree the best possible chance of thriving following a stressful move. Cables are then secured in the ground and attached to the main stem of the tree for support until the roots become established and are strong enough to anchor the tree.

About Nangle and Niesen: Nangle and Niesen Ltd is a wholesale tree nursery based in mid-West Cork. They are a highly specialised tree nursery trading in both the domestic and export market. Based on a 100 acre site 600 feet above sea level, they grow Irish trees for Irish conditions. Setup in 1973, they specialise in the production of quality standard and semi-mature trees. Their customers vary from private individual clients, construction companies, landscapes contractors, landscape designers, architects, golf courses and public authorities.

About Peter O’Brien & Sons Ltd: Peter O’Brien & Sons is a family run business established in 1963 which has grown to become one of Ireland’s leading landscaping contractors, specialising in all aspects of landscaping. Other local projects by O’Brien landscaping include the award winning Mardyke gardens in Cork and the construction of the pitch at Thomond Park.

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