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The SGA Wholly Ghost Tour 2015, The Emerald Isle, visits Adare Manor

Recently we were delighted to welcome the SGA Wholly Ghost Tour 2015 and their 30 stunning vintage cars to Adare Manor as part of their month-long roundtrip of Ireland!

The beautifully restored cars are all Silver Ghosts which were made by Rolls Royce between 1907 and 1926, all with colourful histories …

The green 1924 Silver Ghost, photographed infront of Adare Manor, belonged to a man named McCormick, a then publisher for the Chicago Tribune, who had the car bullet-proofed, after the Tribune’s writing on Al Capone and the Chicago gangs had gotten a reporter fatally shot, just three blocks from the newspaper’s office.

While the light blue 1913 Silver Ghost was delivered to Lord Portarlington in the South of France in 1914, where it competed in the Monte Carlo Trial that year. The car was christened ‘The Flying Dutchman’ on account of it always being on the move and seldom seen in the same place twice!

We hope to see these stunning cars back at Adare Manor again in the future.


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