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The Carriage House Brand Renewal

Alongside the meticulous restoration of Adare Manor, we are delighted to now announce another remarkable project of renewal – “The Carriage House”.

The Carriage House is a destination in itself, offering guests an informal space to dine, relax and unwind. With a distinct modern aesthetic developed by David Collins Studio, The Carriage House warranted its own truly unique visual identity. Our branding agency Neworld Associates worked closely with David Collins Studio and their design team to create a visual concept, that fits seamlessly with the historic building’s stunning interiors.

At the core of The Carriage House brand is a celebration of new and old, heritage and history with a contemporary look and feel – rich, layered history with a contemporary look and feel. We are proud to share a timeless brandmark, pictured above, that plays homage to the carriage lamps of old, often ornate and delicately designed with intricate flourishes and embellishments. Their bright glow adorned and lit the way for visiting and residing carriages.

With rich, golden hues and tactile textures that echo the very materials once used in The Carriage House, its new visual identity will create an inviting ambiance. It is a balance of sophistication and warmth – refined and polished yet eternally welcoming. We look forward to welcoming you there.

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