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The Adare Manor Whiskey Collection

Our growing whiskey collection is currently comprised of over 100 rare quality bottles, covering a selection of Scotch, Bourbon, Canadian and Japanese, but mainly focused on Irish. Whilst there are some very recognisable names as part of the collection, it is their more exclusive releases that will be on display. We will continue to add to our collection as time goes on and will endeavour to create one of the most complex and exclusive collections available in Ireland.

There are numerous vintages of Midleton Very Rare as part of the collection, including Barry Crockett’s last bottle, Brian Nation’s first bottle, Barry Crockett Legacy and Dair Ghaelach Batch 1. Like with Midleton, there are some outstanding examples of Redbreast featured, such as 15 year cask strength, 21 year old and also a Redbreast Lustau limited edition signed bottle.

The Rarest Reserve is a blend of some of the oldest spirit from Midleton distillery, matured in port pipes to deliver one of the most complex finishes available. The 15 year is a pure pot still, with no grain whiskey which was bottled for the millennium and is considered to be one of the finest ever produced.

There are a few fine examples of Jameson within the collection but the two premium are Jameson Rarest Vintage Reserve and Jameson 15 year Limited Edition.

There is representation from Knappogue Castle in the form of their 1951, 36 year old, cask 18 private collection which is recognised worldwide as one of the most outstanding Irish whiskeys ever released and has become one of the most highly sought after collector’s bottles.

Some other examples of Irish whiskeys in the collection are Writers Tears cask strength, Jack Ryan’s “Beggars Bush” cask strength, Inish Turk Beg Maiden Voyage and Connemara single cask, 18 year 9 month are just to name but a few.

Nikka Miyagiko 15 year single malt and Nikka Yoichi 10 year single malt are just two examples of the Japanese whiskeys which are in the collection, and which are no longer available to purchase. Both are made in the same manner traditionally associated with Scotch, using small direct fire stills to enrich the smoked flavour.

A whiskey collection would not be the same without some Bourbon and whilst there are some Woodford, Elijah Craig and Jefferson’s included, there are also two special releases from Jack Daniels. The Jack Daniels master distillers series No. 1 which was released in honour of Mr. J. Daniels himself, the first master distiller. The collection also features the Jack Daniels 150th anniversary bottle which was a limited release using the original blend of grain used in the first JD release 150 years earlier.

Scotch whisky is very well represented in the collection and similar to the Irish, there are some well-known distilleries featured. Some of the rarer ones gathered however are Scapa 16 year single malt, Laphroig 18 year single malt and Duncan Taylor 19 year old cask strength, all of which are totally discontinued. There is however one which is a real treat for Scotch drinkers, Springbank 12 year cask strength is a bottle within the collection which is extremely rare and no longer available and one sure to be a real treat on the palate.

This is just a small sample of the collection which has been gathered to date and for you whiskey lovers this will undoubtedly get your attention.

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