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Adare Manor is surrounded with so much history, prestige and quality that it is fitting that the champagne offering be reflective of this. While Adare Manor is one of the most luxurious properties in Europe, Taittinger displays a similar reflection within the world of champagne. We are delighted to be associated with Taittinger as our champagne partner as we feel there are many similarities which relate to our attributes. We pride ourselves on being luxurious, innovative and pioneering while at all times offering exceptional experiences. These are all attributes which Taittinger pride their business on and this is why we perfectly complement each other.

The Beginning
When Pierre Taittinger discovered Champagne region, he was a young liaison officer during the First World War. It was thanks to his passion for wine and gastronomy that he returned several years later and, with his brother-in-law, invested all his energy into the development of a nascent champagne business.
Birth of an identity
Since 1932, step by step, Champagne Taittinger has grown and taken its place among the great champagne Houses, imposing with audacity an innovative style particularly influenced by Chardonnay.
Having bought the family business in the summer of 2006, Pierre-Emmanuel Taittinger together with his daughter Vitalie and son Clovis are together on this adventure.

Residence of the Counts of Champagne
At the heart of Reims, and almost totally destroyed over the first World War, the Residence of the Counts of Champagne is one of the rare vestiges of medieval architecture of the city and the testament to the dynasty. Today restored and owned by Champagne Taittinger, the Residence hosts receptions, exhibits and concerts.
Château de la Marquetterie
Cradle of Champagne Taittinger, the Château de la Marquetterie is nestled in the heart of the Champenois vineyards. Property was built in 1734 in the purest style of Louis XV and clings to a hillside covered in vineyards to the west of the village of Pierry.Property of Champagne Taittinger since 1932, the Château has seen some of the most illustrious figures in the history of Champagne and France.

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