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Restoration of the Lantern Lodge

The Lantern Lodge, or gate lodge as it was known, was built c. 1830 and once gave access to the demesne of Adare Manor. Although no longer in use as an entrance, the Lantern Lodge serves as a reminder of the wealth and vast size of the former estate at Adare Manor. The building is an important local landmark and serves as the first introduction to Adare Manor when travelling from Limerick. The use of the Gothic Revival style, as represented by features such as the gablets, lancet windows and buttresses, mirror the style of the main house, and are testament to the skill of nineteenth-century craftsmen.

In the past, the Lantern Lodge would have been inhabited mostly by estate workers. The census of 1901 records that Mr Michael Quaid, his wife and two sons were in residence there at this time; Michael Quaid was the gamekeeper of the estate.

The Lantern Lodge makes an important architectural contribution to the heritage of Adare and we are currently in the process of undertaking some conservation and repair works to this charming building. The building itself had fallen into a derelict state over the years and so a careful restoration of the exterior is underway. The roof has been stripped and will be re-slated using the original Killaloe slate. The stone chimney has been taken down and will be repaired and rebuilt. The external walls will be cleaned and repointed in places and new leaded windows will be installed.

We look forward to sharing images of the newly restored Lantern Lodge when works have been completed.

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