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Lady Caroline’s Private Sitting Room

We’ve put the angels that adorn the ceiling of Lady Caroline’s private Sitting Room to sleep for an 18 month rest as we carry out our refurbishment. We’ll reveal them again prior to our reopening in 2017, in the meantime read Lady Caroline’s description of her private Sitting Room in her own words …

‘The sitting-room I occupied deserves notice. Three large windows facing the river, and commanding different views of it, give it a cheerful character. In the centre of the room there is a massive arch, made ornamental by the way its soffit is designed.

The division of the oak ceiling between the door and the arch is beautifully carved, the beams being supported by angels, bearing in their hands shields charged alternately with a red and a white cross. The beams form large squares, divided into four compartments; those nearest the wall and round the arch are richly emblazoned. The Wyndham crest and motto, with the rose of England in every variety of red and white, enlivened by sufficient gilding to give them a brilliant effect, alternate with each other; the cornice round the room is composed of the arms of England and France. The shields in the centre, and the mottoes, are disposed in scrolls of a peculiarly graceful character. The arch itself is ornamented with a simple pattern in pure white.

Opposite the fireplace is a very rich panelling of looking-glass with black oak carving, effectively relieved with red and gold colouring. The panelling of the ceiling between the arch and the windows is less ornamented than the other side; it consists of massive oak beams, with pale blue ceiling enriched with a pattern of blue and gold: the cornice a repetition of the angels, with arms of England and France.’

– The words of Lady Caroline, Countess of Dunraven in an excerpt from ‘Memorials of Adare Manor’, published 1865.

Lady Caroline’s Private Sitting Room prior to Adare Manor’s temporary closure for refurbishment in January 2016.

The ornate ceiling of Lady Caroline’s Private Sitting Room.

A protective covering is installed during the refurbishment until the reopening of Adare Manor in 2017.

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