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Ever wondered what it was like to live in a grand house in the 19th Century?

Here’s a little insight into life at Adare Manor across the seasons …

‘Life at Adare Manor followed a pleasing annual pattern. The autumn and winter brought groups of gentlemen to partake in hunting and shooting parties, the ladies following the hunt in horse-drawn carriages or, in inclement weather, waiting at home and ‘taking turns’ in the long Gallery to exercise their legs.

The spring and the summer held the pleasure of boating (often in moonlight and accompanied by a bugler to enhance the experience), swimming in the River Maigue, and the prospect of regattas on neighbouring estates and trips to local spas.

The late summer and early autumn were filled with horse racing and picnics at Desmond Castle or other local historic sites. Longer expeditions were occasionally made to Killarney, the Cliffs of Moher and other famous beauty spots. The autumn also brought its duties: committee meetings, examinations of school children and annual charitable book sales which invariably culminated in a dinner at Adare Manor.’

An excerpt from the book A Taste of Adare Manor.

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