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Beasts and Beings at Adare Manor

Though Adare Manor was built in the 19th Century much of its decoration recalls the Middle Ages. The exterior of the building displays a wealth of gargoyles, window surrounds and heraldry harking back to an earlier era. Many of these carvings, both in stone and wood, show beasts and monsters taken from the Bestiary, a medieval book of beasts whose popularity was second only to that of the Bible.

The diligent searcher will find not only dragons and griffins, but also creatures from Greek mythology such as the manticora (human-headed and with a lions’s mane), the siren (beautiful sea creatures famed for luring sailors to their doom) and, the hippocampus (an adult sea-horse often ridden by water nymphs and gods).

We invite you to come and explore the myriad of beasts and beings at Adare Manor for yourself when we reopen in 2017!


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