Adare Manor Scent Created By La Bougie

As Artisan Perfumers La Bougie has earned a reputation for innovation and authenticity which stretches far beyond Irish shores. Their candles, diffusers and Eaux de Toilettes – hand poured in their West Cork perfumery – are renowned among perfume lovers and candle connoisseurs all over the world.

Having begun her career as personal chef to the Duke & Duchess of York before transitioning to the world of perfumery, founder Lucy Hagerty is understandably fanatical about attention to detail – “The best fragrances are like people – complex underneath the skin, they come across with authority, depth and presence without ever dominating. They are unmistakeable, a part of the present which we take with us subconsciously into the future – and which, years later, will still transport us back to a particular moment and a place.”

One of Lucy’s iconic scents, Mission Fig, will now be shared with Adare Manor as part of a collaboration which centres on a range of hand poured candles, diffusers and linen sprays, this will also extend beyond the gift shop to become an integral part of the fabric of Adare Manor in both our public areas and bedrooms.

“I have always been protective about my fragrances and the La Bougie brand. However I didn’t need much persuading to share my Mission Fig fragrance with Adare Manor and we are all thrilled to be involved in such an amazing project. I guess you can say that Mission Fig will truly become part of the atmosphere at Adare Manor.”

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