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The Adare Manor Challenge

Take on a high-tech adventure around our estate

Part treasure trail, part adventure, this challenge offers a one-of-kind GPS-based experience. Using your mobile/cell phone, you are deployed on a mission to explore and navigate your way through specific checkpoints, choosing your own routes as you go. On arrival at each checkpoint, you will have to complete GPS-triggered challenges issued by the app.

It’s fun, high energy, and rewarding: the physical, mental, and geographically linked puzzles include multiple choice questions, cryptic clues, photographic criteria and timed tasks. This challenge will keep you on your toes as you visit hidden gems around the Manor and grounds. Sample checkpoints include: The Ogham Stones, Poet’s Hut, The Carriage House and Harry Lowe’s Cottage.

The Adare Manor Challenge can be played by two or more participants and is suitable for a family to enjoy together, including children aged 7 and over. No experience is required. Contact our Concierge team for further information.