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Archive for March 2016

Meet our New Adare Manor Team Member

We have long been missing our fluffy bunny friend Jellycat, who you might remember stayed a few extra nights with us back in January when his owner Kate mistakenly left him behind at Adare Manor. Last week a kind Limerick lady from Ronnie’s Bears sent us an Adare Manor bunny of our very own and we have gladly…

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Lady Caroline’s Private Sitting Room

We’ve put the angels that adorn the ceiling of Lady Caroline’s private Sitting Room to sleep for an 18 month rest as we carry out our refurbishment. We’ll reveal them again prior to our reopening in 2017, in the meantime read Lady Caroline’s description of her private Sitting Room in her own words … ‘The…

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The Creation of a Gothic Masterpiece

This #ThrowbackThursday as we prepare for our own refurbishment we look back to when the 2nd Earl of Dunraven, Windham Henry Quin, decided to undergo a redevelopment of his home in 1832, resulting in the Manor House we have today … Adare Manor rose from the ground at a time of catastrophic distress in Ireland,…

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