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Archive for June 2015

Behind the Scenes at our Foodie Photoshoot

Following our exciting ‘Best Hotel Restaurant in Ireland’ win last month we decided to organise a foodie photoshoot in The Oakroom restaurant. With the help of fantastic Limerick-based photographer Tarmo Tulit we had a very creative afternoon capturing The Oakroom’s delicious looking dishes (no tasting allowed!). Here are some shots behind the scenes …

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From Stately Home to Grand Castle

Did you know that Adare Manor did not always look like the magnificent castle it is today? A much smaller Georgian house, built in the 1720s, occupied the landscape until the Second Earl of Dunraven and his wife, Lady Caroline Wyndham, decided to undertake its transformation. The Manor ‘structurally’ as it exists today was not…

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Forever Carved in Stone

During the building of Adare Manor The Earl of Dunraven commissioned this elaborate stone carving to adorn the front facing of Adare Manor. It reads: “This goodly house was erected by Wyndham Henry Earl of Dunraven and Caroline, his Countess, without borrowing, selling or having a debt.” Learn more about the history of Adare Manor

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