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Minstrels’ Gallery Weddings

The Minstrels’ Gallery is quite simply a stirringly beautiful and evocative room.

It runs for 132ft from east to west so that it is filled at alternate ends with morning then evening light. 17th century choir stalls at one end of the room tower magnificently over all that pass beneath them. The north wall is paneled with a wainscot carved with biblical episodes while opposite a series of enormous fireplaces dot the southern wall.

Up to 200 guests can be seated at round tables or the more traditional setting of up to 90 guests at one long table can also be arranged.

Food plays a role of cardinal importance in the course of a wedding and is treated with great significance by the Manor. Chef heads up an ambitious and young culinary team that has earned resolute praise from the most prominent national food critics. An inventive and contemporary Irish approach is married with strong classical influences.
After dinner and the traditional addresses the band strikes up. You take your first dance together as husband and wife.

The clock strikes midnight. The table-sitting talkers are the first to filter in small groups downstairs to the Tackroom, followed eventually by the dancers. Great stone flags line the floor and at one end broad logs crackle and blaze in an open pit. For a while the hum of late night conversation dominates the space, but is soon overtaken by melodies struck up on the baby grand piano to one side. Candles and firelight throw flickering shadows against the sweep of the vaulted ceiling as the dancing starts again in earnest.

Adare Manor is one of the top Wedding Venues in Ireland and offers a great location for a Castle Wedding.

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