Rules and Regulations For Enhanced Enjoyment


All distances are measured in yards and all distances shown are to the centre of the green. Please note, overall hole lengths may not tally with distances shown to and from reference points, as these points are measured away from the centre line.

Local Rules

Water Hazards (Rule 26-1)
Red posts define a lateral water hazard. Yellow posts define a water hazard. Red/Yellow posts define the intersection of/at each hazard.

Out of Bounds

Marked by walls and fences that bound the property. A ball coming to rest over the wall behind the 18th green.
Immovable Obstructions (Rule 24-2)
All pathways, roadways, sprinkler heads, bridges, course furniture, relief maybe taken.
All course distance markers are in yards to the front of the green and are marked on each sprinkler.


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